Comic 41 - Inking methods

6th May 2020, 12:00 AM
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Inking methods
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Author Notes:

dotcrossbuns 6th May 2020, 12:00 AM edit delete



  • no flaky software

  • better for handwriting

  • glowing computer screens cause eye strain and disrupt the circadian rhythm

  • physical "real" version of the whole comic (except the colors)

  • existence of an "undo" function is distracting


  • hard to vary line weight

  • no "undo" (but can erase strokes with the computer later)

  • hard to fill in dark areas

  • pens run out of ink and have to be replaced or refilled, which costs time and money

  • has to be transferred to the computer, which means either coercing a photograph into what you want or stitching multiple scans

  • pencil marks have to be erased

  • anything "extra" on the paper will show up, e.g. remaining pencil marks, eraser shavings, food, cat barf

  • ink is wet and can smear

Digital (touchscreen Windows laptop)


  • drawing directly on the screen

  • can use Windows software, such as FireAlpaca and Photoshop

  • portable


  • small screen

  • stylus is battery-powered and can run down

  • Linux software is extra-flaky, FireAlpaca isn't much better, and I don't actually want Photoshop. Except for Inkscape, every graphics program I've installed on it has at least one severe problem that makes it awkward to use

  • just "feels wrong" -- probably related to the size, the bright screen and the heat

Digital (Linux box with Wacom tablet)


  • can use tablet and mouse at the same time

  • stylus is wireless and runs as long as the tablet is plugged in

  • Linux software works fine... except when it doesn't


  • not drawing on the surface where the strokes appear

  • harder to produce smooth lines

  • handwriting is hard to do and looks awful, so good lettering has to be a font, which means more software complications (I've been using Krita, but its text tool sucks, so I would have to transfer the image to a different program to get a good result) and a somewhat "mismatched" final appearance

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