Comic 43 - Mother's Day 2020

11th May 2020, 12:46 AM
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Mother's Day 2020
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Author Notes:

dotcrossbuns 11th May 2020, 12:46 AM edit delete
Happy Mother's Day to the mothers out there who are still alive, who can still yell at their children and see bluebirds. She wanted to see one, but she never did.

{Dot presents an eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) to her mother, who is nothing but a dotted outline.}

Dot: You wanted to see a bluebird, didn't you?

{The word "you" is struck out, indicating that the person she is speaking to does not exist.}
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Marcel 11th May 2020, 9:35 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, my Mom's dead too. Sadly, I never got to meet her.
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