Comic 6 - Dot vs. WordPress III

31st Mar 2020, 12:00 AM
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Dot vs. WordPress III
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dotcrossbuns 31st Mar 2020, 12:00 AM edit delete

Since I don't care for the default "Twenty Twenty" and the recommended Inkblot is unmaintained, I went off in search of something else. I settled on Fullwidther -- with a truckload of CSS, naturally. Maybe I should make a child theme.

A particular challenge was finding one that would display categories on comic pages. Even the ones that display categories on posts usually can't do this.


{A Venn diagram labeled "themes". The outermost set, "themes I've tested", contains the following:}

  • Twenty Sixteen

  • Twenty Seventeen

  • Twenty Nineteen

  • SG Window

  • Petals

  • Elements

  • Travel Insight

  • Blogdot

  • InnerBlog

  • OceanWP

  • Subset "themes that work correctly with Webcomic":

    • Twenty Twenty

    • SG Double

    • Restarter

    • Fullwidther

  • Subset "themes I find aesthetically pleasing without dumping a truckload of CSS on top":

    • Neve

    • Radiant

{A pie chart labeled "Customization". A small slice (yellow) is labeled "working with the theme", and the rest (blue) is labeled "working against the theme".}

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